Collaboration Portfolio

Global Collaboration

When people honestly share brand stories, they resonate with their audiences. I’m fortunate to collaborate with such people globally who truly believe in their brand and genuinely communicate with their customers.

Some selected collaboration portfolio:


I helped conceptualise and create brand stories suited for different purposes to help promote the work of diverse entrepreneurs. 


100 Ways

Pratapgarh Farms 



Innovation Norway

Complete Branding & Communications

360-degree brand storytelling involving:

  • Website
  • Print & Digital Collateral
  • Newsletters & Social Media
  • Design & Video Production
  • Press Releases
  • Events & Partnerships

UWC Mahindra College 


Visual Stories

Zero-budget visual stories I helped produce.

UWC Promotional Campaign

UWC Donor Campaign

UWC Alumni Campaign

Collaborative Visual Stories

Visual stories that I helped storyboard. 

UWC Project Based Diploma

Mahindra-Shelby Scholarship Campaign