Simple and Transparent Process

a) crafting precise introductions; b) developing written and visual stories for brands; and c) ideating and writing blog articles that establish thought leadership.

Here are the steps in our collaboration:

  1. KICK OFF: We get to know each other in every way. We discuss timelines and level of engagement.
  2. QUESTIONNAIRE: I ask questions to understand the personality and life of your organisation and people.
  3. DIALOGUE: We discuss in detail and in person.
  4. FRAMEWORK: Based on my understanding, I share the structure for your brand story.
  5. CLIENT FEEDBACK (framework): You ask follow up questions and give feedback. I share my opinion and a series of drafts until we are both on the same page.
  6. STORY DEFINITION: I share the entire story based on our discussions and your feedback.
  7. CLIENT FEEDBACK (definition): We engage in feedback interactions until both of us are happy.
  8. BRAND STORY: I share your brand story just the way it deserves to be told. We continue our collaboration as you evolve.