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A brand story is your journey written with consistency.  It’s a story people believe and remember for a long time. Every entrepreneur has a unique story to share. Each of you have experienced spending time in trying to pen it down. Some of you have tried doing it while performing other tasks that you may be better at. Naturally, it becomes difficult to write a consistent story that way. That’s where I come in. With craft, sincerity and commitment, I serve your need to tell a meaningful brand story.


Simple and Transparent Process

a) crafting precise introductions; b) developing written and visual stories for brands; and c) ideating and writing blog articles that establish thought leadership.

Here are the steps in our collaboration:

  1. KICK OFF: We get to know each other in every way. We discuss timelines and level of engagement.
  2. QUESTIONNAIRE: I ask questions to understand the personality and life of your organisation and people.
  3. DIALOGUE: We discuss in detail and in person.
  4. FRAMEWORK: Based on my understanding, I share the structure for your brand story.
  5. CLIENT FEEDBACK (framework): You ask follow up questions and give feedback. I share my opinion and a series of drafts until we are both on the same page.
  6. STORY DEFINITION: I share the entire story based on our discussions and your feedback.
  7. CLIENT FEEDBACK (definition): We engage in feedback interactions until both of us are happy.
  8. BRAND STORY: I share your brand story just the way it deserves to be told. We continue our collaboration as you evolve.

About Simple Story

SimpleStory is a boundless endeavour of crafting simple brand stories with talented entrepreneurs worldwide. Brand journeys are creatively infused with simplicity and meaning to resonate with audiences that are increasingly seeking brand genuineness. SimpleStory partners with individuals and start ups to fulfill its mission of enabling authentic and audience-focused brand storytelling worldwide. The vision foresees a world that embraces the power of individual autonomy and creativity, and thrives on honest and collaborative experiences.

Collaboration Portfolio

Every Brand Can Succeed

It all comes down to effective storytelling. I’m fortunate to work with people who truly believe in their brand. That’s why their customers believe them, too. All of us work well together.

Some selected stories:

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Collaborative Visual Stories




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