Simple Story

Simple can be straightforward and imaginative.

How do we remember sea stars? They can regenerate and are star-shaped.  That’s from the science textbook in school.

When  Desnos’ described sea stars as creatures who “inhabited liquid depths as well as heavenly reaches,” he left a story for us. Simply put.

Note:  Facts may be straightforward, but they are not stories.

How I Help

Inspired by science and poetry, I craft stories for genuine brands who  essentially work with simplicity and aesthetics.

My process is simple:

  1. We get to know each other.
  2. I ask questions that focus on your journey, vision, challenges, aha moments, work flow, identity, preferences, worldview and so on. In other words, I try to understand the life and personality of your organisation and its people.
  3. Based on my understanding, I share the first draft of your brand story.
  4. You ask follow up questions and give feedback. I share my opinion and a series of drafts until we are both on the same page.
  5. I write your brand story just the way it deserves to be told.

The Story of Jahnvi

As a science student at UWC Red Cross Nordic in Norway, I fell in love with J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. To understand Orwell better, I majored in Communication and English instead of Chemistry at Westminster College, USA.  After my Master’s in English Literature, I was truly convinced that language is a powerful instrument of positive change.

Then I worked for four years with an UnLtd India affiliate, Edulever, UWC Mahindra College and Mahua Art Gallery.  I handled PR/Marketing/ Communications in the sectors of art, education, and entrepreneurship. During those years, I realised two things: 1) traditional marketing and advertising methods do not support real connection 2) we like honest brands who say what they mean. Professionally, my best moments were collaborative experiences that changed things for the better.

I thoroughly enjoy the  process of listening to entrepreneurs and understanding their worldviews as they share dreams and anecdotes. Stories come from there. Often my clients and I care about many of the same things, and that’s always been a blessing.

I also care about art, culture, sustainable living and travel. When I am stimulated by a thought or a conversation, I end up writing. In the past, I’ve collaborated with digital platforms like Matador Network, LBB and Home Canvas.



I’ve been fortunate to work with brands that understand the impact of storytelling and invest in carefully crafted stories.

Some selected stories:

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Visual Stories


Collaborative Visual Stories



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