Simple Story

Stay relevant and trusted

A brand story is your journey written with consistency.  It’s a story people believe and remember for a long time. Every entrepreneur has a unique story to share. Each of you have experienced spending time in trying to pen it down. Some of you have tried doing it while performing other tasks that you may be better at. Naturally, it becomes difficult to write a consistent story that way. That’s where I come in. With craft, sincerity and commitment, I serve your need to tell a meaningful brand story.


SimpleStory is Jahnvi’s boundless commitment of engaging in and unifying diverse artistic endeavours – writing, music, and film-making – in collaboration with talented artists worldwide.

Whether as part of her film crew or as an artist looking to visually narrate aesthetic work, creative individuals partner with SimpleStory and help fulfill its mission of revealing authentic and meaningful artistic projects globally.

The vision foresees an international community that embraces human diversity and creativity, and thrives on honest and collaborative experiences.